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"“TK has been a mentor for my brothers and I growing up in the surf world. As the years pass forward Taylor is always sharing with us, his pearls of wisdom that he acquires through his experiences. Whether it was diet, fitness, surfing or life Taylor is such an incredible compass to be able to work with. Stoked that he has worked to formulate the ARC method to allow more people to take his practices into their own lives. For me its within the longevity that Taylor is still standing alone. He is surfing at the top level and still pushing his body into high performance surfing which proves the method is working. As a surfer we want to enjoy the activity and nature that the sport provides for as long as we can so I’m definitely watching and learning from Taylor to see how he keeps fit, and now you can too! ARC method rules!”"

Tanner Gudauskas
Pro Surfer

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Taylor on the WSL tour since the 90’s and there are very few elite athletes I’ve met from any professional sport who have taken the time to understand how to maximize the impact and importance of training the body to surf and also understand how to help optimize recovery from surfing, training, travel and injury. He and Paul have spent countless hours together to create a system that works at a very high level because they don’t skip training the create a foundation...a base for simple, specific Movements and postures that not only improve posture, proper breathing and mobility but also connect the systems together to create joint stability and the overall body strength to surf as powerfully as Taylor has been known for throughout his career! If you are about surfing to your potential or just want to surf forever you owe it to yourself to try something special."

Dr Tim Brown
Co Medical Director WSL, Northern Hemisphere

"Paul Hiniker is the OG! He's the first trainer to put out a legit Video (DVD) focused on board sports."

Danny Way
Skateboarding Legend

"The Five Pillars alone are worth the cost. Tried 'em before my surf last night and loved it as a warmup... I hit 50 in December so fitness is more important than ever to me so I can keep surfing as long as possible, at as high a level as possible. "

Stephen Hadley
Still shredding at almost 50

"To get better at something, we need to look at what's missing and what's blocking the holistic approach. There can be a technical flaw for example, that's blocking movement, or a tactical flaw that is preventing waves selection, a psychological flaw, like fear, or a physical block. A lot of the blocks in surfers past their 40's is in the physical, where they may have some good technique, but their bodies can't access it anymore. As we age, physical limitations and restrictions don't have to be as bad as people allow. You can do something about it with ARC Method Courses. "

Matt Griggs