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Age Reverse Conditioning fitness course.

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ARC Method Courses include:

60+ Exercises

Each exercise is crafted to build strength and flexibility for the areas where surfers need it the most. 

13 Workouts

Each workout is made up of 6 dynamic exercises that will work and stretch your entire body.

3 Courses

You will have access to 3 different 12 week course curriculums. This maximizes your benefit and value from ARC. 

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Here is what your library looks like inside the purchased course:


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"Paul and I started working on these techniques 20 years ago. We started with a DVD called Surf Exercises. That was when nobody was putting out surf training videos like this."

-Taylor Knox

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"As surfers, we want to enjoy the activity and nature that the sport provides for as long as we can. I’m learning from Taylor to see how he does it, and now you can too. ARC Method rules!”


"There are very few elite athletes I’ve met who have taken the time that Taylor has to understand the importance of training and how to help optimize recovery from surfing, training, travel, and injury."


"Paul Hiniker is the OG! He's the first trainer to put out a legit Video (DVD) focused on board sports."

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Anywhere. Anytime.

Get 36 weeks of fitness programming for the cost 1 hour with a personal trainer. All of which can be done easily in the convenience of your own space, at your own time. 

"These exercises were developed so I could do them in my hotel when I was traveling on tour. You don’t need a large space or a lot of time to get this workout done."     - Taylor Knox

Now available for 3 monthly payments of $55.

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"The 5 Pillars alone are worth the cost. Tried 'em before my surf last night and loved it as a warm up. Fitness in more important than ever to me so I can keep surfing as long as possible, and at as high of a level as possible.”


"In just 4 weeks I am already feeling stronger and more stable. My surfing is getting better and I am making turns that I haven't made before. More so, I am just feeling better in my life as a whole." 


"At 54, and ripping... I'm excited to do this program so I can keep ripping into my 70s or even 80s. Thanks for putting this together!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is primarily for surfers who are looking to improve their fitness and longevity.

It doesn’t matter what type of board you ride, or how long you have been surfing, this course was designed to benefit anyone who spends time in the ocean.

This course was designed so Taylor could workout while travelling and on tour, so you will not need much space to do the workouts. You will need an exercise ball (Swiss ball) and a soft surface like a rug, towel, or yoga mat. Swiss balls can be found for about $20.00

The ARC Method Course consists of 13 videos that are used as Assessments, Warm Ups, and Workouts. 

Each Workout consists of 6 exercises that are designed to add strength and flexibility to your entire body.

These Workouts are compiled into three separate 12 week course curriculums. This allows you to maximize your results and value from ARC. 

Here is a great visual guide of the course contents and curriculums. 

Nobody knows your body better than you. It is imperative to listen to your body if you encounter any discomfort or pain. In addition to this, all of the exercises in this course are designed and proven by certified fitness professionals. Paul and Taylor make a point to include proper instructions, variations, and techniques that will keep you out of harm’s way. See rest of the FAQ's here:

Read all FAQs here: More questions? Contact us directly here

Your best surfing is ahead of you.

"Over the last 20 years of being on tour, and training with Paul, we’ve done a lot of stuff that has worked really well for us. Through this, we have come to a golden thread of truth which we are really excited to share with you guys." - Taylor Knox


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